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Revenue Reports

service-4WashRemote integrates with virtually all car wash equipment allowing you to monitor automatic and self-service bays, vacuums and air machines…all at the same time.


The WashRemote reporting module is one of the most popular features of the system. Storing data on your server for an entire year, WashRemote allows complete control of your valuable accounting information. This powerful reporting feature gives you detailed information about:

  • Daily Income
  • Overhead
  • Net Profit
  • Cash and Credit Break Down
  • Percent of Credit Card Usage
  • Equipment Run Time
  • Self Serve Bay Usage
  • Automatic Bay Usage
  • Weather History Report
  • Equipment Failure

The optional central management system combines multiple locations together with one web based solution allowing you to share loyalty, gift and fleet cards between multiple car wash locations and view data simultaneously from anywhere in the world.