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Owner Buggy Bath Car Wash Past President ICA

I have five locations and WashRemote helps me monitor various operations remotely so I know when something goes wrong right away. It also keeps track of when my employees come in the front door so I can verify they came in when they were scheduled.

Being notified when the changers are out of service is an invaluable feature. I also rely on getting the daily texts telling me how much money I took in the previous day. It helps me plan my week knowing what location needs supplies/changers filled etc. I like being notified when my water pressure is low and also when my air compressor pressure is low.

WashRemote is like a partner helping me ensure my car washes are up and running without me having to run around all day checking on them. Because I have WashRemote, it notified me when the water company turned off the water (without telling me) and I was able to get to the business before any equipment damage was done.