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Owner Ric & Stan’s Car Wash Inc.

If I had to pick one feature I would say the extremely fast credit card acceptance times, and the database system. I’m able to see who swiped their card, what piece of equipment they swiped it on, and what time the swiped it. This is invaluable when dealing with customer complaints and trying to determine what happened, and if they are even telling the truth in the first place.

The support cannot be overstated enough. Being a hands on owner, support is the most important part of any piece of equipment. It is critical for me to be able to take care of issues myself, and as fast as possible. The support Brian offers with the system is unmatched. Unlike other systems where the support stops as soon as they have your money, Brian is always willing to help, doesn’t mind customer input, works ridiculous hours, and it’s obvious he truly wants the system to be the best it can be.

I would and have recommended WashRemote, absolutely. There are no shortage of similar systems out there, but I don’t think any can match the combination of features and support that WashRemote offers.